New Life (May 17th – 31st) – by Sierra Lee

This ministry called New Life Home provides jobs for women who have been living on the streets by offering a six month program that gives them the opportunity to learn skills such a sewing and jewelry making. Along with learning practical skills the women have the opportunity to go to school while in New Life home. This is also accompanied with lectures on God and Discipleship. Every Friday the girls spend the afternoon evangelizing in a tourist district of Kathmandu called Thamel or in nearby slums.

The group of girls we got to work with was one of the youngest New Life has had – having the oldest at age 19 and the youngest at age 13. During our time there, we led a bible study focusing on women of the bible. We started on Ruth and worked our way to proverbs 31. We also got to do activities with them such as bracelet making and nail painting. One day we even bought makeup for the girls and did a photo shoot with them. Many of the girls had never worn makeup; they were very excited to say the least. On the last day of being with the girls we read through proverbs 31 reassuring that they all had the characteristics being listed and that each of them was a beautiful women of God who he was going to use to do greater things then Ruth or Esther ever did. Along with that God gave us some verses for each girl and we ended our time with them with laughter dancing and a home made cake.

On Friday the 31st, we also got a chance to visit a business/ministry similar to New Life called Beauty for Ashes.


The Last Two Weeks (May 17th – 31st)

These past two weeks we have been working with two ministries in Kathmandu. One of them is a home for children with HIV/AIDS and the other is called New Life, which is a home for women who were living on the streets. The four of us who worked with the children’s home spent a few hours a day helping the kids with homework, doing Bible study, and playing games with them. Our goal at the home was to teach the kids more about God and also to help out in a way that allowed the staff to have a bit of a break. All of the staff members are women, and they have to look after about nine boys ages 7-16 everyday. Many of these boys have similar stories – their parents got sick, one of the parents died, the other got remarried, and then the parents didn’t want to take care of the young boy anymore when they found out he had HIV/AIDS as well. Although this is sad, many of the boys said that they are so happy that they ended up in this home because now they know Jesus.

May 31st was our last official day of ministry for our outreach. Now we are debriefing in Kathmandu until JuneĀ 7th, and then we are flying back to Kona for another week of debrief before everyone goes home.

Surkhet (May 13th)

Today we did ministry at a university nearby the base. We started off simply by making conversation with a few students who were sitting outside together. We talked about the differences between Nepal and the United States, and then we began to share the gospel with them with the help of our translator. Shortly after we started sharing, more students started to gather around us. Within minutes we had about thirty students listening to us. When we finished sharing, they had lot of questions. We were happy to answer, but our translator ended up doing most of the talking. No one accepted Christ, but when we told the students we brought Bibles in the Nepali language, almost all of them were happy to take one. Many of them had never heard the gospel before, so we were excited to be the first ones to share that with them.

Andrew and Chris standing with some students who just got Bibles!

Andrew and Chris standing with some students who just got Bibles!

Surkhet (April 30th – May 7th)

At the end of week four we packed up our stuff and took a 14 hour bus ride to the city of Surkhet (northwestern Nepal). When we got to the base, we spent a few days preparing for the time we would be spending in a village nearby. When we got to the village, we were surprised by how different it was from the city. It was essentially a massive plain land with a river running through the middle of it. We built seven biosand water filters there – which are very useful for the village we went to because of the easy access to the river water. Our team did a bit of Bible teaching as well because someone had already started a church there. We taught on topics such as hearing God’s voice, the fear of the Lord, the radical call and cost to follow Jesus, and the nature and character of God. We spent about four full days in the village before going back to the base in Surkhet.

Biosand filter

Biosand filter

Weeks 2-4. April 26

Today we did street evangelism. First we prayed for a man in a wheelchair who was paralyzed on the right side of his body. Before doing this, a random Nepali man came down from his apartment to translate for us. After we prayed, the man in the wheelchair began to move his right arm and leg, however, he still couldn’t walk. By that time, we had quite a few Nepali people watching us on the street, so we decided to share the gospel. Unfortunately, the man translating for us cut us off early to say that Nepali people cannot simply accept a new religion. We ended up talking with him for a while and answering his questions. He didn’t accept Jesus, but he seemed very interested. After our conversation, we got his contact information and told him we would try to talk more if we had a chance. We spent the rest of the day giving food to beggars around town.

Weeks 2-4. April 25

Today we were able to paint a mural for another children’s home in the area. As we were talking with the owner, we found out that this children’s home has been rescuing kids that have been working in a carpet factory nearby. Our eyes were opened to the reality of corruption within the police force here. This carpet factory is breaking child labor laws, but their paying the police to keep quiet about it.

We modeled our mural after Hawaii.

We modeled our mural after Hawaii.


Weeks 2-4. April 17-19

During this time we had to opportunity to paint a mural for one of the children’s homes in the area.

Children’s homes are basically places where one or more adults are housing kids that would otherwise be on the streets.

We also had a chance to disciple the owner of the children’s home who is a new believer. He seemed to feel really blessed by us, which was encouraging for our team.